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Khowsgol lake itinerary

Khowsgol lake itinerary
Travel routes: Ulanbator – Darkhan – Erdenet- Bulgan – Unit – Hutagondor – Urantogoo Mountain – Murun – Khovsgol Lake – Murun – Ikh Mountain – Tarialan – Hutagondor – Unit – Bulgan – Erdenet – Amarbayasgalant – Darkhan – Ulanbator
Travel duration 10 nights / 11 days
Travel distance: 1800 km

1 day Ulanbator
We will pick up our tourist from the international airport which is named Chinggis khan
Having a lunch we will be introduce the Sukhbator squire and Chinggis khan monastery and Government house,Buddhist  center of Mongolia called Gandan monastery, Museum of Natural History of Mongolia
Having a dinner we will be see the traditional concert of Mongolia.

2 day Ulanbator - Darkhan – Erdenet- Bulgan – Unit
Introduce with Budda monument, complex of horse-headed fiddle and walk  on the suspension  bridge that  is located between 2 mountains in Darkhan
See Urantogoo mountain which were igniting ago 20-25 thousand years 

3 day Unit –Murun – Khovsgol Lake
Go to Ikh mountain
See Selenge large river
Relax come in camp

4 day Khovsgol Lake
Introduce with Khovsgol lake
Travel by ship named as Sukhbaatar /paid by tourists/

5 day Khovsgol Lake
Travel by bout
Introduce with life style of reindeer people

6 day Khovsgol Lake
Free day

7 day Khovsgol Lake
Free day
Extra sightseeing as tourists wish

8 day Khovsgol lake-Murun – Ikh mountain – Tarialan – Hutag ondor – Unit
Travel by  Beautiful  place of Unit and Namnan

9 day Unit – Bulgan – Erdenet – Amarbayasgalant – Darkhan – Ulanbator
Introduce with the Amarbayasgalant temple that  was  one of the  Mongolian Buddhism that  is located  in Buranburen sum of Selenge province

10 day UB
Shopping /we can buy souvenirs and cashmere products /
GO TO MARKET /if our tourists would like to go the Narantuul market which is the biggest and cheapest BAZAAR of Mongolia. /

11 day UB
Having a breakfast, we will be going to the airport
When we arriving the airport, our travel will be finished.  

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