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10:55 PM

Naadam festival tour

1:45 AM
Naadam festival tour 
Travel route: UB- Tsonjin boldog-Khui doloon khudag –Mandshir-UB
Travel length: 5 nights / 6 days           
 Transportation: by Car

Day 1
To pick up our tourists from international airport which is called Chinggis khaan.
Check in the hotel

Day 2 
 Having breakfast we will be introduced the Sukhbaatar squire and Chinggis khan monastery and Government house, Buddhist center of Mongolia called Gandan monastry, Museum of Natural History of Mongolia
Then we will relax our  hotel

      Day 3
Go to the Mongolian sport stadium . That we will see the ceremony Naadam/ “Three games of men/in Mongolia, the national sports festival is called naadam.Naadam is  a traditional
Display of strength, horseship and marksmanship.Naadam contents were held on the anniversary of the people’s revolution.

Tsonjin boldog
The Genghis Khan Statue complex is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, on the bank of the Tuul River, in a place called Tsonjin Boldog, where Genghis Khan had found a golden whip according to legend.. A 40 meter high statue on horseback was erected on a 10 meter high base, covered by stainless steel and surrounded by 36 columns. . The visitors will walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where they can have a panoramic view over the complex area. The main statue area will be surrounded by 200 yurt camps, designed and arranged like the pattern of the horse brand marks that were used by the 13th century Mongol tribes
 Go to the Sukhbator squire and see the mongolian traditional concert
We will go our hotel and relax

Day 4
See the Horse Racing in Khui doloon khudag
 Horse is part of the Naadam festival. This sport is also centuries old. The horses for the Naadam races are selected a month before the big day. Racehorses are divided into several age groups: two, four, and five years old; over five years and stallions the riders aged are from 5 to 12.
  See the 18th century ancient monastery Mandshir

Day 5
See the Archery in the Stadium.
Ample information about archery can be found in literary and historical documents of the 13 the century and even before. it’s an ancient sport of the Mongolians, which can be trace back to as early as 300-200BC.Men shoot about  40arrow hits the target, a group of people standing near the target, acting as judges, raises the cry “Uukhail”and makes signs with their hands to indicate the result
Shopping /cashmere , souvenir  etc/
 After seeing the Mongolian traditional concert, we will see the night view of Ulaanbaatar from Zaisan memorial.

Day 6
UB-Chinggis khan international airport  
Our travel will be finished when we come in International airport named Chinggis khan

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gobi tour itinerary

2:25 AM
Gobi tour itinerary 
Travel routes: Ulaanbator- Dalnzadgad-Yol valley- Khongor’s sand – Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul/- Ongi’s temple- Dalanzadgad- Ulanbator
Travel transportation:plane
Travel duration: 8 nights 9days
Travel distance:  you can be flown during 1:30 from Ulanbator to Dalanzadgad by plane. Sightseeing by car about 845 km 

1 day Ulanbator
We will pick up our tourist from the international airport which is named Chinggis khan monastery and Government house , Buddhist center of Mongolia called Gandan monastery and  museum of natural history of Mongolia
Having a dinner we will be see the traditional concert of Mongolia.

2 day Ulanbator-Dalanzadgad By plane
To fly from Ulanbator to Dalanzadgad
Coming from Dalanzadgad and relax in hotel
To see sunset of steppe

3  day  Dalanzadgad – Yol valley Hongor’s sand
Go to the Yol valley After the breakfast 
See The “Yol valley” that is located  among Gobi zone mountains
See Dungeen cliff
See Hongor’s sand, Mongolian beautiful Gobi desert and Bayanburd /oasis of gobi/

4  day Hongor’s sand –Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul/
Go to Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul. Ulan ereg,bayanzag which dinosaurs  were  living in ancient times

5 day Bayanzag / Rich Saxaul/–Ongi’s temple by car
To see remains of temple which is located beautiful around the  Ongi’s river side and Saikhan-ovoo mountain 
To see sunset of  steppe

6 day Ongi’s temple Dalanzadgad /by car/
Sightseeing  Dalanzadgad town

Fly from Dalanzadgad to Ulanbator

8 day UB
Shopping /we can buy souvenirs and cashmere products/
GO TO MARKET /if our tourists would like to go the Narantuul market which is the biggest and cheapest BAZAAR of Mongolia/

9 day UB
Having a breakfast, we will be going to the airport.
When we arriving  the airport, our travel will be finished 

Khowsgol lake itinerary

2:23 AM
Khowsgol lake itinerary
Travel routes: Ulanbator – Darkhan – Erdenet- Bulgan – Unit – Hutagondor – Urantogoo Mountain – Murun – Khovsgol Lake – Murun – Ikh Mountain – Tarialan – Hutagondor – Unit – Bulgan – Erdenet – Amarbayasgalant – Darkhan – Ulanbator
Travel duration 10 nights / 11 days
Travel distance: 1800 km

1 day Ulanbator
We will pick up our tourist from the international airport which is named Chinggis khan
Having a lunch we will be introduce the Sukhbator squire and Chinggis khan monastery and Government house,Buddhist  center of Mongolia called Gandan monastery, Museum of Natural History of Mongolia
Having a dinner we will be see the traditional concert of Mongolia.

2 day Ulanbator - Darkhan – Erdenet- Bulgan – Unit
Introduce with Budda monument, complex of horse-headed fiddle and walk  on the suspension  bridge that  is located between 2 mountains in Darkhan
See Urantogoo mountain which were igniting ago 20-25 thousand years 

3 day Unit –Murun – Khovsgol Lake
Go to Ikh mountain
See Selenge large river
Relax come in camp

4 day Khovsgol Lake
Introduce with Khovsgol lake
Travel by ship named as Sukhbaatar /paid by tourists/

5 day Khovsgol Lake
Travel by bout
Introduce with life style of reindeer people

6 day Khovsgol Lake
Free day

7 day Khovsgol Lake
Free day
Extra sightseeing as tourists wish

8 day Khovsgol lake-Murun – Ikh mountain – Tarialan – Hutag ondor – Unit
Travel by  Beautiful  place of Unit and Namnan

9 day Unit – Bulgan – Erdenet – Amarbayasgalant – Darkhan – Ulanbator
Introduce with the Amarbayasgalant temple that  was  one of the  Mongolian Buddhism that  is located  in Buranburen sum of Selenge province

10 day UB
Shopping /we can buy souvenirs and cashmere products /
GO TO MARKET /if our tourists would like to go the Narantuul market which is the biggest and cheapest BAZAAR of Mongolia. /

11 day UB
Having a breakfast, we will be going to the airport
When we arriving the airport, our travel will be finished.  

Ulaanbaatar city tour

2:21 AM
Ulaanbaatsr city tour 

Travel routes: Sukhbaatar’s square – Museum of natural history –National museum of Mongolian history – Gandan monastery – Buddha statue – Zaisan memorial  
Travel duration: 1 day
Travel transportation: Car

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Sukhbaatar’s square
Sukhbaatar Square is the central square of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It it is located  in front of the  saaral ordon  that is bigger  than some squares  in the world

09:40 Museum of natural history
You can give the information for about the animals, plants of Mongolia and   dinosaur’s eggs and dinosaur bones in ancient times.

11:00 National museum of Mongolian  history
The National Museum of Mongolian History is a cultural, scientific, and educational organization, which is responsible for the collection, care and interpretation of the objects.

13:00 Lunch
National food

14:30 Gandantegchinlen  monastery  
The monastery is the biggest complex of Mongolian Buddhism There are complex of statue of Migjid Janraisig in the Gandantegchinlen monastery which  is a 26.5-meter

15:40 Museum of Zanabazar
The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts features Mongolian art from prehistory through the early twentieth century.

17:00 Buddha statue and zaisan memorial
You can see  that The Zaisan Memorial is a memorial south of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar that honors Soviet soldiers killed in World War II
See the complex of Buddha statue nearly in the Zaisan memorial

18:00 Shopping
GO TO MARKET /if our tourists would like to go the Narantuul market which is the biggest and cheapest BAZAAR of Mongolia. /Shopping /we can buy souvenirs and cashmere products

Дубай хотын аялал

1:29 AM
АНЭУ-ийн Дубай хотын аялал

Гайхамшигт Эмирийн Улсад аялах, амрах, бизнес хийх аялалд урьж байна. 

Манай аялал 8 өдөр 8 шөнийн аялал бөгөөд, Дубай хотноо та бүхэн shopping хийх, автомашин худалдан авах боломжтой.  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Итгэлт хамбын тайлагдаагүй нууц

8:57 PM
Сүсэгтэн та бүхнийг ОХУ-ын Улаан-Удэ хотноо Итгэлт хамба ламд мөргөх аялал урьж байна. 

   Амьд бурхан Итгэлт хамба Дашдорж нь 1852онд төрсөн хэмээн тооцогддог. Түүнийг  5 настайдаа анхтодорсон гэж буддын шашинтнууд үздэг. Өөрийнхөө үхлээр биднийг гайхшруулж байгаа нэгэн бол Итгэлт хамба билээ. Түүнийг 1927 онд оршуулж, 2002 онд гаргасан. 75 жилийн хугацаанд түүний биенд яамар ч өөрчлөлт гараагүй ба амьд юм шиг сууж байгаагаар барахгүй амьд юм шиг сууж байдаг байна. Гэгээнтэн рүү хүмүүс очих үед том баяр болох гэж буй мэт сэтгэгдэл төрж байдаг ба Итгэлт хамбаас маш энерги долгион ирж хүмүүс шингэх мэт болдог байна. Зарим нэгэнд нь Итгэлт хамбатай уулзаснаас хэдэн цагийн дараа өөрт нь яамар нэгэн зүйл тохиолдсон мэт санагддаг байна. Хүмүүс Итгэлт хамба руу очихдоо үлгэрт гардаг шиг бүх хүслээ биелнэ гэсэн итгэлтэй байдаг. Итгэлт хамбад мөргөснөөр авто осол, онгоцны осол, хүнд өвчнөөс гайхалтай хамгаалагддаг болох нь батлагдсан яриа хүмүүсийн дунд байдаг.

   Москвагийн нэгэн олонд танигдсан бизнесмен залуу хүнсний үйлдвэрийн салбарт томоохон байр суурь эзэлдэг байлаа. Тэрээр осолд орсон ба тэр агшинд Итгэлт хамба түүнд дүр төрхөөрөө харагдсан байна. Залуу бизнесмэн Ивольгин хийд рүү 2 дахь удаагаа очин Итлгэлт хамбын дуганыг барихад хөрөнгө оруулалт хийж, цахилгааны төлбөрийг бүр мөсөн чөлөөлөх асуудлыг нь шийдвэрлэн өгсөн юм. Үүний дараахан  түүн рүү гэмт халдлага дайрахад тэрээр яагаа ч үгүй бөгөөд үүнийгээ намайг Итгэлт хамба үргэлж харж хамгаалж байдаг юм гэж тайлбарлан яарьсаныг Халимаг Улсын Ерөнхийлөгч Илюмжинов батлан ярьдаг юм. 

   Итгэлт хамбын сүмээс суга таягаа хаяад гарах тохиолдол их байдаг. Итгэлт хамба өөр дээрээ ирсэн хүн бүхний амьдрал ахуй, ажил төрөл болон аливаа бусад зүйлийг нь нийгмийн амьдралд ойртуулан хөгжүүлж чаддагыг бодит баримтууд харуудаг. Жишээлбэл: Рашид Нургалиев Хамба дээр очисны дараа Орос Улсын Дотоод хэргийн сайд болсон, Юрий Ехануров гэгч жилийн дараа Украйны Ерөнхий сайд болсон, Сергей Иванов гэгч амралтаараа  дацанд ирсэнээр ОХУ-ын Ерөнхий сайдын 1-р орлогч сайдаар томилогдон ажиллаж байна. 

   Амьд бурхан Итгэлт хамбад мөргөснөөр өмнөх жилийн гай барцадаа орхиж, ирэх жилийн аз хийморийг авч ирэх болно.

Сүсэгтэн олон та бүхнийг энэ аялалд урьж байна.