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Gobi tour itinerary

Gobi tour itinerary 
Travel routes: Ulaanbator- Dalnzadgad-Yol valley- Khongor’s sand – Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul/- Ongi’s temple- Dalanzadgad- Ulanbator
Travel transportation:plane
Travel duration: 8 nights 9days
Travel distance:  you can be flown during 1:30 from Ulanbator to Dalanzadgad by plane. Sightseeing by car about 845 km 

1 day Ulanbator
We will pick up our tourist from the international airport which is named Chinggis khan monastery and Government house , Buddhist center of Mongolia called Gandan monastery and  museum of natural history of Mongolia
Having a dinner we will be see the traditional concert of Mongolia.

2 day Ulanbator-Dalanzadgad By plane
To fly from Ulanbator to Dalanzadgad
Coming from Dalanzadgad and relax in hotel
To see sunset of steppe

3  day  Dalanzadgad – Yol valley Hongor’s sand
Go to the Yol valley After the breakfast 
See The “Yol valley” that is located  among Gobi zone mountains
See Dungeen cliff
See Hongor’s sand, Mongolian beautiful Gobi desert and Bayanburd /oasis of gobi/

4  day Hongor’s sand –Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul/
Go to Bayanzag /Rich Saxaul. Ulan ereg,bayanzag which dinosaurs  were  living in ancient times

5 day Bayanzag / Rich Saxaul/–Ongi’s temple by car
To see remains of temple which is located beautiful around the  Ongi’s river side and Saikhan-ovoo mountain 
To see sunset of  steppe

6 day Ongi’s temple Dalanzadgad /by car/
Sightseeing  Dalanzadgad town

Fly from Dalanzadgad to Ulanbator

8 day UB
Shopping /we can buy souvenirs and cashmere products/
GO TO MARKET /if our tourists would like to go the Narantuul market which is the biggest and cheapest BAZAAR of Mongolia/

9 day UB
Having a breakfast, we will be going to the airport.
When we arriving  the airport, our travel will be finished 

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